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America’s #1 Mental Fitness Coach

Wil is a Master NLP practitioner, clinical hypnotherapist and Martial Arts instructor who has successfully owned and operated martial arts schools, a hypnotherapy / NLP practice and a consulting company.

He is a much sought-after speaker; sharing his information with small and large groups around the country.

TV Shows and Talks

Here he talks with J.W. Winslow on her Television show:



Wil delivers information in a rapid, fun, easy-to- understand manner.

You and your group will not only be entertained by Wil’s exciting presentations, you’ll go away with lots of valuable information that you can put to use immediately in both your personal and business life!

Here he talks about the power of positive action…

Wil is available for topic as well as keynote speaking.

Some topics Wil speaks on are:

• The Four Pillars of Health

• Developing Positive Responses to Stressful Events

• How to Talk Yourself into Success

• Managing Your Emotional Brain

• Breaking the Barriers that Bind You

• Using NLP for Better Communications in Your Personal and Professional Life

Here Wil uses a children’s story as an illustration…

If you are interested in having Wil talk for your group or would like more information you can contact him by calling (619) 293-3255.

Here’s another segment of Wil on J.W. Winslow’s television interview program…