9 Ways to Find Happiness

Ways to find happiness“Happiness doesn’t depend on any external conditions, it is governed by our mental attitude.”Dale Carnegie

It seems that everyone is looking for ways to find happiness. The problem is most people look for it in the wrong places.

Some people look for happiness in a new car or a bigger house. Others seek happiness through the use of drugs and alcohol. Some people just drop out and expect to find happiness by withdrawing from society.

I don’t believe any of these are ways to find happiness.

What Makes You Happy?

When people come to my San Diego office and tell me they want to use hypnotherapy and NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming to be happier I ask, “Where do you find happiness?” Most of these people struggle with this because they really haven’t thought about what makes them happy.

The first step in achieving any goal is to determine what you’ll have, be or feel when you reach that goal. So one of the easiest ways to find happiness is to simply define what it means to you.

What is Happiness?

To me happiness is living a healthy, balanced life. It means having friends I can count on, a healthy family and enough money to be able to eat well and enjoy the company of my friends and family.

To me the people who’s first priority is to make a lot of money as they sacrifice their health and relationships are just not happy. People who seek to escape either through physical withdrawal from society or the use of drugs and alcohol are also just not happy.

Happiness is a result of seeking a balanced, healthy lifestyle. While following certain behaviors are important ways to find happiness, a happy, healthy lifestyle has its roots in your mind.

You see, it’s what you think and believe that will determine how happy you’ll be. You need to create a positive mindset about all areas of your life.

Your positive mindset will help you to develop the lifestyle you desire so you can live a happy and fulfilling life.

Consider these 9 ways to find happiness:

1. Take an inventory of your past successes.

Think about the things you’ve been successful with at in the past and then write them down so you can reflect on them. Use the memories of those past successes for finding the path to the happiness you seek.

• If you’re proud that you worked yourself through college what could you do today that would make you feel proud?

• If you’re known as go-to co-worker for those seeking work knowledge how can you increase your knowledge?

• If you took care of your ailing mother and nursed her back to health how could you help others in the same situation?

As you focus on your past successes you grow your positive mindset as well as the happiness within you.

2. Ask yourself “What am I happy about right now?”  

Maybe you’re living in a location in the perfect neighborhood. Perhaps you’re in a great relationship and you’re very optimistic about how it’s progressing.

By thinking about what makes you happy you enrich your life. This can give you the motivation to look for even more ways to find happiness.

3. Think about the connections between your mindset and a happy life.

Reflect on how great you feel physically and emotionally when you focus on the good things in your life. Take notice of how well you can relax and sleep when you stop worrying and start being grateful about the positive aspects of your life.

When it comes to ways to find happiness none are more effective that recognizing the intimate relationship between the way you choose to focus and your emotions.  Your focus will help you to build your positive mindset and grow your happiness.

4. Commit to develop a more active lifestyle every day.

Good health and happiness go hand in hand. What kind of lifestyle do you really want for yourself and your future?

Do you want to have a life where you sit in front of the television all evening and most weekends or one where you’re active, trying new physical activities all the time, and discovering adventure?

Moving your body will stimulate your mind and is one of the easiest ways to find happiness.

5. Use exercise to improve your physical health.

It’s hard to have a positive mindset if your body doesn’t work properly. Make it a personal goal to get into the best shape possible.

Follow an exercise program that will strengthen your core and your cardiovascular system. Walk, dance, go to Zumba classes. Determine to live an active lifestyle.

A healthy body will do wonders for your overall physical and mental health!

6. Eat nutritiously.

This doesn’t mean you have to limit what you eat. You can eat almost any food you want in moderation.

As you think about nutrition take a positive, optimistic approach. Don’t think you need to deny yourself of the foods and tastes you love.

Take the mindset that there’s nothing you can’t have as long as you limit the portions.

On the other hand if in the past you’ve found yourself eating too many sweets and other unhealthy foods then stock up on naturally sweet and healthy foods like fruits or savory vegetables and high protein snacks.

7. Live your life one day at a time.

One of the best ways to find happiness is to live your life in the present, one day at a time. This keeps things simple.

If in the past you’ve struggled with eating poorly or negative thoughts, say to yourself, “Just for today, I will eat fresh and healthy foods and I will exercise” or “Just for today, I will focus on the good things in my life.”

If you slip, recognize that you’re human and tomorrow is another day and another chance for you to become the person you have decided to be. Stay focused on the lifestyle you want to create.

8. Live life consciously.

Stay emotionally connected with you. By living life consciously, you develop the power to choose in every decision that faces you. As a result you’ll have the energy to make positive choices that bring you in the direction of the lifestyle you desire.

9. Develop faith and confidence in yourself.

As you follow the other 8 steps you’ll begin to get in touch with your self-confidence. This will give you a clearer path toward the positive you seek and the happiness you desire.

Start Using these Ways to Find Happiness Today!

When should you start using these ways to find happiness? When would you like to feel happier?

The sooner you begin to apply these strategies, the sooner you’ll experience the sweet joy that comes with living a healthy, balanced life.

If you follow these ways to find happiness you will find the happiness you deserve!


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