Weird Weight Loss Myths

Weight Loss Myths

Ice Cream Won’t help You Lose Weight

People in our society want a magic pill that can help them lose weight effortlessly.

While big weight loss companies continue to search for quick and easy weight loss solution, at the moment there are none. But there are quite a few weird weight loss myths and the following are three of the weirdest.

Three Weird Weight Loss Myths

Eating ice cream causes weight loss.

This weight loss myth has some seemingly logical reasoning.  Since ice cream is cold and takes energy (measured in calories) to warm, the myth contends that your body will consume energy while eating it.

As in all myths, there is a grain of truth in this one. Your body does require energy to warm up ice cream. Your body also needs to use energy to digest it.

The truth is that digesting any food requires the use energy. That’s simple biology.

While your body will burn a few calories to warm the ice cream and digest it, ice cream is laden with high calories in fat and sugar. There is simply no way you could burn as many calories (145) by warming it up and digesting it.

This is simply a weird weight loss myth.

Drinking ice water will help you lose weight.

Again, this weight loss myth has a couple of grains of truth in it. First, since ice water has no calories drinking it won’t add on any pounds (except for water weight).

While it does take a little energy to warm ice water to body temperature, the energy needed is negligible. You just won’t burn many calories when you drink it.

Even more substantial is being dehydrated can make you feel hungry. Drinking water reduces your dehydration and makes you feel less hungry.

Adding a pound of new muscle makes your body burn an extra 50 calories.

Two questions to ask:

Will just having the muscle burn those calories?

How long will it take?

This weight loss myth is not only weird, it’s also meaningless.

Your body will burn about 70 calories per hour on the couch. It uses this energy to maintain your internal temperature, repair your cells, pump your blood, etc.

In order to live your body has to burn calories.

Again there are a few grains of truth in this weight loss myth.

A pound of muscle (new or old) burns about twelve calories per hour.

Any type of exercise will burn calories.

The average man will burn about 350 calories in a vigorous hour long workout.

For 24 hours after vigorous exercise your metabolic rate or the average number of calories your body burn per hour rises. For most people this means burning about 250 calories more on the days you exercise.

While a brisk walk will do also burn calories it does so at a much lower rate it and tones muscle rather than builds it.

Healthy Weight Management

Healthy weight management includes a balanced exercise program.  Your program should include a vigorous workout every other day at least three days a week and then a cardio workout such as walking on your three non-workout days.

This type of exercise program keeps your muscles toned and stretched. It also helps to prevent lactic acid buildup that can cause muscle soreness which can demotivate you from wanting to work out.

Weight Loss Math

Except in rare circumstances for most people weight loss is simple math.

The math is: Calories in minus calories out equals weight loss or gain.

This means if you eat more calories than your body burns you’ll store the remaining energy as fat.

On the other if you burn more calories than you take in your body will lose that fat.

Forget Those Weight Loss Myths

Forget those weight loss myths you’ve read about.

Instead focus on a healthy diet and exercise program that will help you lose weight permanently.

Choose a healthy weight management program that fits you and then start. While in the beginning it may be a little challenging, once you start looking and feeling better it will be a lot easier to maintain.

Not only that your body will be a lot healthier to boot.

So stop believing those weight loss myths and start working on your healthy weight management program today.


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