Shape Up With Only 500 Calories per Day

calories per day

Only 500 calories per day can make a huge difference!

One of the things that I talk to my San Diego clients about when they want to use hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques for weight loss is you can get the body you desire without making huge changes in your lifestyle.

In fact, small changes can make a huge difference in your weight and shape.

How 500 Calories per Day Affects You

When you look at weight loss the math is pretty simple. A pound of fat is about 3500 calories.

This means if you want to lose a pound in a week you just need to take in 3500 less calories.

Divided by 7 days this means you only have to delete or burn 500 calories per day.

While I recommend a combination of exercise and dieting, simply reducing your calorie intake while maintaining your activity level can help you reach your weight loss goal of a pound a week.

A small shift can make a huge difference.

But I Want to Lose More Than a Pound a Week

calories per day

Learn the Secrets of Permanent Weight Loss

If you are more than 25 pounds overweight you probably set your weight loss goals higher than a pound per week. While it’s possible to lose much more, a good weight loss goal is about 1 to 2 pounds per week.

More than that can lead to the yo-yo affect so many people are familiar with.

That’s why sticking to a healthy weight management plan of pound or two a week is so important.

So what amount is exactly 500 per calories day?

The following are 7 easy methods to cut 500 calories per day from your daily diet:

1) Use Low Fat Milk Instead of Cream in Your Coffee

Calories Saved = 50 for each cup

2) Eat Your Potatoes Plain

If you eat potatoes eat them without any butter or other toppings.

Calories Saved = 100

3) Stop Drinking Soft Drinks

Soft drinks are one of the biggest contributors of empty calories. Drink water instead.

Calories Saved = 140 per 8 oz serving

4) Stop Eating Fast Foods  

Choose something besides a burger for lunch.  A Big Mac by itself has 550 calories, adding an order of French fries increase this by 110 calories.

You could save money and calories by bringing your lunch to work.  A home made turkey sandwich without mayonnaise is only about 310 calories. You can add a small salad and still be around 400 calories.

Calories Saved = 260

 5) Stop Eating Potato Chips  

The average small (1 oz) bag of potato chips has about 155 calories.

Calories Saved = 155

6) Can the Can

An ear of corn has 85 calories while a 1 serving of canned corn has 135 calories. A can of peaches has 140 calories while a fresh peach has only 59 calories.

Canned fruits and vegetables have more calories and less nutrition than fresh foods.

Calories Saved = 50 to 60

calories per day

Learn the Secrets of Permanent Weight Loss

7) Eat Low-fat Cream Cheese on Your Bagel

Calories Saved = 90

Healthy Weight Management Includes Exercise

If you want permanent weight loss you need to include exercise in your healthy weight management program. By burning an additional by 500 calories per day you can lose a pound a week.

Here Are 6 Ways You Can Burn 500 Calories per Day:

1) Walk at Lunch

Instead of relaxing, after eating use the rest of your lunch break to take a stroll for 15 to 30 minutes.

Calories Burned = 100 calories for a 30 minute walk

2) Ride Your Bicycle

You don’t have to ride fast just take your bike out for a 5 mile (1 hour) leisurely ride.

Calories Burned = 300 calories per hour

3) Go Dancing

Grab your favorite squeeze and go dancing! Not only will you have a good time you’ll be getting your heart and body in better shape!

Calories Burned = 250 calories per hour

4) Go for a Swim

Swimming is a great diversion and fantastic for your cardiovascular system. This low impact exercise is excellent for reducing stress while burning calories. To start with take a few laps at a moderate crawl, aim for an hour.

Calories Burned = 425 calories per hour

5) Work in Your Garden

An hour of bending and stretching in your garden can burn up the same amount of calories as a lively stroll.

Calories Burned = 200 calories per hour

6) Play Tennis

Cleaning off you tennis raquet and playing for an hour with a friend can make a big difference. An hour of playing vigorous tennis is one of the best calorie burners around.

Calories Burned = 600 calories per hour

calories per day

Learn the Secrets of Permanent Weight Loss

Start Your 500 Calories per Day Program Today

A 500 calorie per day plan doesn’t take a lot but it does take work. You can’t get the shape you want just by reading this article, you have to take action!

Make the decision to take that action you need. It just takes 500 calories per day.

Do it for life!

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