The Secrets for Creating a Healthy Weight Management Mindset

healthy weight management

You Can Use these Secrets for Creating a Healthy Weight Management Mindset

Healthy weight management involves your body and mind. One of the biggest weight loss secrets is in order to keep the pounds off you need to shift what you think about weight loss.

The following suggestions are designed to help you shift from a weight loss mentality to a healthy weight management mindset. This is the only way you can get and keep your idea body weight and shape.

Shifting How You Think about Eating

  1. Eat foods you enjoy

Look there are plenty of nutritious foods you can choose from. Choose the ones that you like eating. If you don’t like eating cottage cheese then choose a yogurt and flavor it with fresh fruit.

  1. Balance your eating habits

Healthy weight management involves eating a “balanced diet”. While you can survive by eating cabbage for a while, in order to stay healthy you need to make sure your body is getting all the protein, fat, complex carbohydrates and other nutrients it needs.

  1. Count your calories

This is one nearly every person who wants to “lose weight” hates. You need to understand that healthy weight management involves knowing your caloric needs. The factors that influence your calorie target are your height, weight, age, and metabolism.

  1. Take the steady course

No one successfully maintains healthy weight management using dramatic weight fluctuations. Plus crash diets wreak havoc on your body and can increase your body fat while weakening your bones.

Shifting How You Think about Exercise

  1. Be okay with your fitness level right now

You need to appreciate your body no matter what it looks like right now. Be grateful for the health that you DO have and for all your body does for you. By appreciating what you now have you’re more likely to take pleasure in being active and treating yourself well.

  1. Select exercise you enjoy

And don’t say I don’t like to exercise. Everyone can and will enjoy their workouts if they select physical activities they look forward to doing. If you like to walk, find a friend to walk with. If you like to play basketball, find some friends to shoot hoops with. By choosing something you like you’re a lot more likely so stick with it.

  1. Plan for the weather

You are probably not going to want to play basketball in the snow or rain. Likewise you probably won’t want to run when the sun has heated the ground to a temperature that could fry an egg on the sidewalk. Have alternative workouts you can turn to when the weather changes. Having a backup plan is also important if you get sick or have to suddenly travel a lot.

  1. Don’t exercise yourself onto the injury list

Many people over train and make their body too sore to work out when they first begin. If you want to keep working out you need to avoid making yourself too sore. Also don’t do anything that can cause you to get injured, especially in the beginning. Healthy weight management includes getting plenty of rest and building up the intensity of your workouts gradually.

Shifting How You Think about Living

  1. What will your life be like if you don’t change?

When you feel like slacking off, think about how the consequences will add up. Multiply two hours a day of sitting on the couch watching TV and snacking by 365 days in a year.  What will your life be like in a year, two years, five years, or twenty years? Imagine how much better you’d feel if you spent that time doing activities that add to your mental and physical health.

  1. Use stress management tools

If you don’t watch it, stress can turn into insomnia and emotional eating. When you manage stress you enhance your sleep and reduce the emotional urge to eat. This in turn will help you stay trim. Use relaxation practices such as meditation, self hypnosis or listening to instrumental music to help you reduce your stress levels.

  1. Develop new habits

If you ask a person who goes to the gym three times a week why they go three times a week they’ll probably just shrug their shoulders and say, “That’s just what I do”.  If you want to form a new habit like eating green vegetables and running every morning you do it the same way, do it until it becomes automatic, just something you do. For most people it only takes about three weeks to turn a positive intention into a habit.

  1. Get some support

You can accomplish a lot more if you have people who support what you’re doing, you don’t have to do it all alone. Get your family and friends to join you on your walk or at the martial arts class you just joined. Make friends with other members at your yoga class and invite them to have a smoothie with you. It’s a lot easier to keep going when you know you’re not alone

  1. Don’t try to do it all at one time

The best way to get anything done is to break it down smaller tasks. It can seem overwhelming if you want to lose a substantial amount of weight until you break your goals into weekly or monthly units.  Then go ask your doctor about what the best approach might be for your individual needs.

  1. Stay in the present

Stop worrying about what may happen in the future or fretting about what happened in the past. These are really only illusions anyway.             Living in the present transforms all of our experiences. You can be just as happy and peaceful as you walk around a beautiful lake or lifting weights in your basement. Allow yourself to be content with what you’re doing now.

Healthy Weight Management is Within Your Reach

If you use these suggestions you’ll find that you’re no longer focused on losing weight but rather on the attitude of adopting a healthy weight management attitude. This attitude will help you to maintain a health plan you can stick with for the rest of your life.

Now you’ll be focused on maintaining health and enjoying the shape you’re now in. Do it for life!

It’s time to start working your body and your mind together, as a team. By developing your body you are supporting your mind in ways you might not have even thought about. It will help your mind function optimally which will benefit you both personally and professionally both now and for the rest of your life.


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