Overcome Overeating by Adapting Healthy Eating Habits

Healthy Eating Habits

Healthy Eating Habits = Healthy Weight Management

Do you eat without thinking?  Many people, you might be one of them, have so many things to do that they run around like their hair is on fire.

When life’s so busy it’s easy to forget about your eating habits. That can cause you to gain weight and feel unhealthy. To improve the way you feel about yourself you need to develop healthy eating habits.

Healthy eating habits involve:

• What you eat

• Where you eat

• When you eat

• How you eat

By keeping these in mind you can keep your eating habits under control.

By using the following healthy eating habits you can keep yourself from overeating:

1. Use smaller serving utensils.

Smaller utensils mean that your portions sizes will be smaller. This means you’ll eat less.

• Instead of scraping food from the serving dish onto your plate use your serving utensils. This allows you to better gauge how much you’re eating.

2. Don’t Watch the TV While Eating.

Compare your eating habits on two different nights. The first night, watch TV while you eat. The next night, sit at your dinner table and eat without the distraction of the television.

• What you’ll probably find is that when you’re distracted, you lose track of how much food you’re eating.

• Separate TV time and meal time. When you do both at the same time you’ll most likely end up overeating.

• At work make time to leave your desk and eat somewhere where you can just relax and eat. Sure, you can get more work done when you work through your lunch time, but you’re also doing your body a disservice.

3. Pause between bites.

When you put down your fork in between bites it allows you to chew your food completely instead of taking another bite right away. Shoveling food down can cause you to eat more than you really need.

• Make a habit of putting your fork down in between bites. By making a habit of putting your fork down between bites it allows your stomach to let you know that you’re already full before you eat too much. An added benefit is you’ll probably end your meal sooner.

4. Chew your food thoroughly.

Depending on who you listen to you should chew each bite of your food between 30 and 40 times. When you chew your food longer you’ll feel fuller quicker.

• It takes about 15 to 20 minutes for your mind to know your stomach is full. If you chew and swallow faster than your mind can sense the food it can be easy for you to overeat.

• Chewing longer also aids in proper digestion. The better your food is chewed, the easier it is for your body to digest it.

• Another benefit of chewing each bite longer is you’re very likely to get bored. That will motivate you to get up from the table and stop eating.

Start Using these Healthy Eating Habits Today

If you start using these healthy eating habits overeating can be a thing of the past. Just by making a few small adjustments you’ll begin to be in control of you eating habits.

Just keep in mind what, how, where, and when you eat.

In a short while you’ll feel better and begin to get into the shape you want. Start using these healthy eating habits today!


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