How to Motivate Yourself to Work Out Daily

how to motivate yourself

8 Minutes Can Make a Big Difference

Be honest, do you hate working out? Maybe you don’t hate it but you find that after all those hours you put in at work you just want to just kick back, watch a little TV, or enjoy a movie and relax! You’re tired after all.

It doesn’t matter how much your doctor bugs you about exercising more so you’ll be a little lighter and feel a little healthier, right now it doesn’t matter, especially after the day you had, right?

If this is you don’t despair, it’s not your fault but there is a solution. It’s called the 8-minute workout.

Eight minutes is not a long period of time. You can hardly eat a real breakfast, check your email or get the kids out of bed in that period of time.

When you think about it, an 8-minute workout can easily be squeezed into you day, no matter how busy you are. And, once you get started you’ll find it easy to keep your commitment. In fact, once you’ve determined to follow through, you’ll start looking forward to your daily workouts.

Here’s how you can motivate yourself to work out every day:

1. List the Benefits You’ll Receive

Make a list of all the health benefits you’ll receive, along with how you’ll look and feel. Post the list on the refrigerator door, the bathroom mirror, or wherever you’ll see it regularly.

For example, you can list increased energy, physical strength, weight loss, muscle tone and an improved circulatory and respiratory system.

2. Put four (4) 8-minute Workouts Into Your Day

This isn’t as difficult as you might think. You can walk to the corner store or walk around the block a couple before your morning shower.

If you work close by you can bike to work a few times a week. It will save you some gas money and, depending on the distance, you’ll be able to squeeze in two or three 8-minute workouts going to and from work.

If you ride the bus or the subway get off a few stops before your stop and walk the rest of the way. If the parking lot is large, park as far away as you can from the entrance and walk.

If you work in a office build with more than one floor, try using the stairs instead of taking the elevator.

If you use your imagination I’m sure you’ll agree that there are many, many ways to fit in a few more short workouts into each day.

3. Adopt Healthy Eating Habits

It doesn’t mater whether you want to lose a little weight, firm your body up or just improve your health your workout needs to be accompanied with a healthy eating program. Eat a nice bowl of oatmeal for breakfast with blueberries or an apple or pear.

If you usually go to your favorite fast food joint for lunch, try bringing a healthy lunch. With the extra time you have you can go for a walk afterwards. At dinner eat a salad or a small serving of fish along with some steamed vegetables.

Bring healthy snacks like nuts or fruit to eat instead of chips or candy. Also, instead of drinking soda, drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Use these Steps to Start Motivating Yourself Today

Using these simple steps you can start feeling and looking ft and healthy in no time at all. Just like the interest you receive on your financial investments, your results will start accruing right away.

With just a few short workouts a day you’ll have better circulation, lower your blood pressure and increase your energy levels.

Why not start incorporating these tips in your daily schedule today?


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