Keep the Weight Off With Healthy Habits

healthy habits

Use healthy habits to make a difference in your life!

Do you jump from one diet to another only to find yourself losing a few pounds for a little while and then gaining it all back again? Does this cause you to become frustrated and throw up your hands in defeat?

That’s because dieting doesn’t work and neither do those special exercise programs you see on late night TV.

Long term weight loss doesn’t come from fad diets or special exercise programs it comes from adopting healthy habits.

There Are No Magic Weight Loss Pills

We live in a culture of instant gratification. That’s why so many people look for the magic pill that will cause the pounds to melt off them with no effort.

When these people come to my San Diego office for help with Neuro Linguistic Programming and hypnosis weight loss techniques I have to explain to them that there is no magic weight loss pill.

If anything that could actually do this there would be lines of people purchasing whatever it was for whatever price was asked.

This is pure fantasy. There is no magic pill, diet or exercise program that will help you lose weight and keep it off. In order to lose weight you need to adapt the healthy habits found in a healthy weight management program.

Your Emotional Brain and Weight Loss

A portion of your brain reacts to life emotionally. This is the knee jerk reactions you have as you reach for a sweet snack when you’re feeling a little down. Your emotional brain whispers “pick the chips” when your in a rush and looking for something quick to eat.

Your emotional brain influences every choice that you make. These automatic choices are what prevent you from reaching the healthy weight you desire.

But by adapting a few healthy habits you can begin living a healthier lifestyle today.

Stop Beating Yourself Up

Many people try to do the right thing but when they don’t succeed they beat themselves up for not doing what they wish they had.

Then, when they don’t succeed, they tell themselves they have no willpower or – even worse – think of themselves as failures.

This type of response won’t do anybody any good.

You need to take charge of your emotional brain.

Taking Charge of Your Emotional Brain

You can your emotional brain from running amok by focusing on the healthy lifestyle you desire and adopting the healthy habits that will take you there.

You do this by creating an image of yourself enjoying the lifestyle you desire. See yourself in the body you want. Keep this image in your mind in sharp focus.

You see, your life will go in the direction you focus!

Creating Your Ideal Image

You first need to define your ideal body and shape. Is it a certain weight or a certain dress size? Is it the way you feel or how your clothes fit?

Now figure out what kind of exercise and healthy eating habits will you have to adapt I n order to attain this image.

This may include walking every day, going to the gym three times a week or eating primarily organic foods. Whatever it is write down the type of healthy habits you need to adopt.

Reinforce Your Healthy Habits With Positive Affirmations

Your habits are a product of the programming you’ve put into your subconscious mind up to now. The good news is you can learn new healthy habits to replace your old, not so healthy ones.

You can use the power of positive affirmations to reprogram your subconscious mind to adopt the healthy habits you need in order to achieve the body and lifestyle you desire.

An example of a positive affirmation might be, “I make healthy choices that help me achieve the lifestyle and body I desire.”

Say this to yourself every morning when you wake up and every evening before you go to bed. You can also use this affirmation when you are tempted to fill up on junk food to boost your resolve to make healthy choices.

A Healthy Lifestyle is Within Your Reach

If you follow these easy suggestions, the habit of regularly making healthy choices is within your reach. As you continue to make these choices you’ll look and feel better reinforcing those healthy habits.

Do them consistently for a short while and you’ll soon discover that your happier, healthier lifestyle has arrived!


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NEC is a system that uses the best of three highly effective processes, advanced hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques (NLP) and meditative breathing techniques from Qigong, a Chinese Martial Art, and combines them into one powerful system that you can use to alter your thinking patterns that allow you to make quick and lasting shifts in your behavior and, as a result, adopt a healthy mindset that leads to long term, permanent weight loss.

Wil is a Neuro Linguistic Programming Trainer, certified hypnotherapist and Qigong Practitioner. His office is located in San Diego, CA.

He has lectured on weight loss myths and has taught hundreds of people in individual and business settings how to use Neuro Emotional Conditioning (NEC)© techniques to adopt healthy weight management methods like those in this article to help them develop the lifestyle and, as a result, the body they want.

Wil is available for individual coaching sessions and group presentations in using NEC or advanced hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming as well as using meditation techniques from Qigong to develop and adopt a healthy weight management mindset.

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