A Foolproof Guide to Healthy Eating

guide to healthy eating

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“Diets, like clothes, should be tailored to you.”Joan Rivers

The problem with diets is that nobody likes them. Most people (rightly) associate the word “diet” with starvation, pain and sacrifice.

Many people feel that the only way to maintain their desired results is to go to dieting extremes. But, as you’re about to learn, there are easier ways to eat healthy without dieting.

With this foolproof solution, you’ll realize that all it takes is mental fortitude. Instead of dieting you’ll adopt a healthy weight management mindset that will become your way of life and provide you with lifelong benefits.

Here’s a guide to healthy eating that will keep you on the path to your healthy weight goals:

1. Eat Tasty Foods

Boring meals can make you want to grab the first tasty thing that comes into view. It you’re eating the same things over and over again maybe it’s time to explore other healthy food options.

• Choose spices, fruits, and vegetables that are seasonal. Trade those things you find yourself eating every day for yummy, healthy alternatives that are in season.

• Use low calorie dressings and condiments in moderation. Instead of drowning your salad just use a small amount.

2. Stay the Course

Once you start getting results don’t let yourself get too comfortable. If you get too comfortable it’ll be a lot easier to fall back into your old habits. Once you start down that road it won’t be long until you’re back at square one.

• Once you’ve seen results its easy to slack off and stop working out as much or even start  avoiding exercise altogether. Stay the course, keep your exercise schedule.

• Once you’ve reached your goal you can allow yourself to eat a little more food. Just remember to eat the foods that helped you reach your goal. Don’t replace your turkey wrap with a cheeseburger.

That leads us to tip number three…

3. Make Healthy Food Choices

Achieving your weight loss goal doesn’t mean you can take it easy. Healthy weight management means making good food choices.

• While its okay to have a snack every once and a while, having one every day will definitely put the weight back on. Instead of having a daily snack, give yourself a treat at the end of the week as a reward for eating well.

• Maintain your healthy weight by choosing foods that will keep you on track.  While there will be times when your choices are limited the things you put into your grocery cart is completely under your control. Instead of candy bars, buy healthy snacks like nuts and protein bars that you can keep close by to snack on. This will help you avoid the snack machine when you’re “starving” at the office.

4. Remember – It’s Healthy Weight Management

While eating healthy doesn’t mean complete restraint, you do need to moderate your urges.  That means if you buy a pie, you don’t need to eat three slices! Buy the pie and share it with company, or bring the rest to work.

• If you go to a gathering that you know will have loads of delicious, unhealthy foods fill your tummy full of healthy stuff before you go. That way you can avoid being tempted to over indulge.

5. Get Help if You Need It

As a health coach who uses basic nutrition and exercise along with hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques for weight loss, I have often heard my clients say, “You know I thought about reaching for a candy bar the other day and instead of giving in I heard my subconscious mind telling me that I really didn’t need it.”

That’s because hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques work for weight loss at a subconscious level. It helps them form new, more empowering ways of looking at food.

But then they’ll go on and say “When I came to you I already knew this stuff. You help me stay on track.” This is because while they are with me we review their goals and what they are doing to achieve them.

The reason we do this because I’ve learned that no matter how much you re-program your subconscious mind with hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques for weight loss you need to have your conscious goals firmly in your mind. This is where a coach comes in. A coach can give you the feedback and provide you with the accountability you need to stay on track.

Start Using this Guide to Healthy Eating Today!

While bad eating habits can hold you back, when you substitute them for good eating habits you can gain the body and health you desire and keep them for a lifetime. Start today!


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