7 Simple Steps to Have a Great Day Every Day!

Have a Great Day

You can Have a Great Day Every Day!

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters.” – Audrey Hepburn

While you might have a great every now and then, great days seldom happen by accident. In order to have a fantastic day every day you need to think about how you’re going to have one in advance.

Just like getting in shape takes work, so does having a great day.  What does it take to have a great day? The reason most people don’t have great days is they never even think about it.

If your life seems to be too rushed, complicated, and unfulfilling, creating a simple routine might be all you need to put yourself on path to making each day a fantastic one.

Follow these 7 simple steps and have a great day every day!

  1. Stretch in bed before getting up

Ever watch a dog or cat in the morning? Before they take a single step they stretch. Try doing the same. Your body is cold and stiff first thing in the morning and needs to warm up a little bit. Take a couple of minutes to stretch so you can get your body started.

  • Make sure you don’t overdo it. The last thing you want to do is hurt yourself while you stretch.
  1. Drink some water

Your body is constantly losing water through your skin and breathing so even though all you did was sleep, your body is becoming dehydrated. Water is used in many bodily processes, including digestion. So drinking water will hydrate you which will help you feel better and more alert while helping you stay regular.

  1. Read or listen to something inspiring

One of the best ways to insure you have a great day is to kick it off with motivation and inspiration.  Some choices are to read an inspiration book, listen to a motivational audio recording or, one of my favorites, watch an inspiration video on YouTube. No matter your choice, make sure you take a few minutes every morning to get some motivation into your life so you can ensure you have a great day.

  • For example, there’s a Rocky 6 clip on YouTube that can get you motivated right away that you can find here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mk82j1jQw_8. If this isn’t your cup of tea maybe you can find something more profound to look at or read.
  1. Plan your day in advance

You probably have lots of tasks to do each day. Instead of waiting to see what you have to do,   think about what needs to be done and prioritize your list the night before.

  • Don’t worry if you can’t finish everything on your list; just do the most important ones first, and then work on your list one task at a time.
  1. Keep a gratitude list

Take a few minutes every morning to write down a list of what you are grateful for. Your family, home, and good health could all be reasons to be thankful. Instead of being annoyed by the things you don’t have, be grateful for the things you do. The vast majority of the world’s population likely has less than you. Cheer up!

  1. Check your attitude throughout the day

As you go through your day take a check on your attitude. Do you find yourself worried about the future? Are you dredging up some negative incident from the past?

Stop it! Instead focus on the present moment.

  • Are you angry at a co-worker, your spouse or one of your kids? Decide to forgive them or figure out a solution that resolves the issue. Forgiveness has been shown to be good for your blood pressure and consequently, your heart health.
  1. Spend time with someone you love

Schedule some time spend with someone you love every day. It can be your spouse, partner, family member, or friend. The best way to show somebody you love them is to spend some quality time with them.

  • Quality time probably doesn’t mean watching the news together. Do something that gets the two of your interacting and communicating.

You Can Have a Great Day Every Day!

Stop waiting for a good day to find you. Decide to take responsibility for having a great day every day. Make this list a part of your day and remember that this list doesn’t have to be the end of your quest to make every day a great day.

Think about additional things you can do to make every day better. Maybe you can take a walk with someone in your office at lunch or spend a few minutes meditating.

Just following these simple steps can greatly increase the odds of having an awesome day, not just today, but for the rest of your life!


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