4 Decisions You can Use for Finding Happiness

finding happiness

4 decisions for finding happiness

“Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open.”John Barrymore

If you ask most people what they really want in life they’ll tell you “I just want to be happy”. Since everyone is searching for happiness you might think that it would be easy to find but even though so many people search for happiness very few people actually find it.

Finding happiness can be difficult to come by.


It’s because it’s often hidden in plain sight. But you can be happy if you decide to be happy.

Notice the word “decide”. The Latin root word decidere means “to decide, determine,” literally “to cut off”. In other words you cut yourself off from being unhappy. Your daily decisions are what bring you happiness.

Here are four daily decisions you can make that will make finding happiness a whole lot easier:

  1. Decide to be positive.

While this doesn’t’ mean to go around with you head in the sand ignoring what’s wrong, it does mean to make a daily choice to focus on the positive aspects of the situations in your life. While you can’t change negative things that happen to you, you can definitely decide how to respond.

  • A person with a positive mindset is more able to go after what they want in life. That’s because positive thinking bolsters your confidence and its your confidence that gives you the faith to try and succeed.
  • Even when bad things happen a positive attitude helps you to keep your head up, regardless of the situation. Think about these wise words, “Remember no matter what.. How good it is or … How Bad it is. It won’t last… ‘ Life is forever changing’….. This too shall pass away.”
  • Decide to be positive and watch happiness come your way!
  1. Decide to be grateful.

Everyday your life is filled with blessings if you decide to look for them. While the blessings in your life can be easily overlooked, possessing an “attitude of gratitude” can focus your thoughts on the good things all around you. Then negative circumstances will no longer cloud your vision.

  • When a situation has a less than favorable outcome, decide to forget about it and leave it behind you. Be grateful for what you learned from the experience. This will help you understand how to better proceed the next time.
  • Take time every day to think about what you are thankful for. Is it your family, your health, your job, your home? By meditating on the things in life you are grateful for you’ll be filled with a sense of being truly blessed.
  • Your grateful attitude will fill you with a sense of satisfaction about what you already have.
  1. Decide to be kind.

“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.”Maya Angelou

Being kind doesn’t necessarily mean feeding the homeless or working at the soup kitchen. While these activities can help you feel more grateful you can be kind a lot closer to home.

  • Make it a point to find a least three people to compliment each day. This is a true act of kindness. What you’ll find is that after a while you’ll have made a habit out of giving compliments and making others feel better. By making others feel better you’ll find that you feel better too.
  • Listen to someone who needs picking up. Listening is an easy way of giving kindness to someone who is feeling down. Take the time to listen when someone needs it.
  1. Decide to be forgiving.

Have you ever known someone who has been mad at another person, perhaps a friend or family member for a number of years? If they are like most people who hold a grudge they aren’t anyone you want to be around. They have a poor disposition and usually their face reflects their inner bad feelings.

  • When someone hurts your feelings it can be easy to become angry and hold a grudge. But finding happiness requires forgiveness. When you forgive, you let go of the pain you’ve attached to that person, making room for peace in your soul and mind. It’s this peace that leads to happiness.
  • Practicing forgiveness helps you to live a happy, mature life. Your decision to be forgiving will bring you more success and joy and, of course, happiness.

Don’t Just Think About these Decisions

These decisions for finding happiness are easy enough if you begin practicing them. You might begin by practicing them one at a time until you’re comfortably happy with your progress. Then, one by one keep adding them into your daily life.

What you’ll find is that once you have made all of these decisions habits, finding happiness will be a snap and you’ll begin experiencing the kind of happiness most people only dream of!


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