Improve Your Health by Expressing an Attitude of Gratitude

attitude of gratitude

Improve your health with an attitude of gratitude

Are you stressed, uptight and feeling overwhelmed? If you are, there are some simple methods you can use to master your emotions, thoughts, and feelings that allow you to express them in positive ways.

One of the simplest methods to improve your health and control your emotions is by finding reasons to be grateful and then regularly expressing them through an attitude of gratitude.

What Are You Grateful For?

In a Ted Talk titled “The Happy Secret to Better Work”, Shawn Anchor shares five easy steps on how to become happier. The first step is to write down three gratitude statements a day.  

To do this you have to decide what and who you’re grateful for. The great thing is you probably have much to be thankful for.

Even though your life may not be going as smoothly as you’d hoped you probably have people who love you, a roof over your head and food to eat. Aren’t these all things to be thankful for?

At the end of his talk, Shawn reminds us that if you’ll just do this for 21 days you will train your mind to look for things to be grateful for instead of those things that cause stress in your life. This can change your whole outlook on life.

Give Away Gratitude

You may be very grateful to many people in your life but no matter how grateful you are, they may have no idea about how you feel.

Instead of assuming that they know your thoughts and feelings, tell them how you feel. Share with your words how you really feel and what’s in your heart.

Share Your Smile

When someone smiles at you it feels good, doesn’t it? You can share your smile too.

By sharing your smiles and laugher, and even tears of joy and love, you strengthen your heart, mind, and body. These acts release a flood of hormones into your bloodstream that your body just loves.

Sharing your smile is not only is a “feel-good” thing to do it’s also a healthy activity for both you and your smile’s receiver.

Share Your Gratitude with a Company

Is there a particular product you enjoy or did you get particularly good service from an employee? If there is a product or employee, why not send a thankful message to the company that provides that product or hired that employee?

Most companies hear customer complaints all the time, but how much gratitude do you think they get for the work they’ve done or the lives they’ve improved? You can spread a lot of joy simply by taking five minutes to send them a note of gratitude.

7 Ways to Show Your Attitude of Gratitude

You can show your gratitude quite easily by investing only a little bit of time and effort. Here’s 7 ways to share your attitude of gratitude:

• Tell the people you love one reason why you love them (make it specific).

• Give away a hug.

• In the grocery store smile at everyone you see.

• Send a note to a company whose product or service you enjoy.

• Listen without comment to someone who needs to talk.

• Take a walk outside and notice the beauty of nature.

• Volunteer your services or help somebody in need.

Make Gratitude Your Priority  

Happy people are happy because they are grateful for the life they have now.  Happiness doesn’t come from the things outside you, more money, a big house, or the ultimate car; it comes from being grateful for what you have right now.

By being grateful for what you have you are thanking the universe for what you’ve already been given. Then the universe will bring you even more.

Stop focusing on life’s obstacles and stumbling blocks and instead focus on the joy all around you. By focusing on the joy, being grateful for who you are and what you have right now you’ll develop the type of positive attitude that will smooth your path to success.

Your attitude of gratitude will make you happier and healthier, adding years to your life and life to your years.


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