Effective Goal Setting for the New Year

effective goal setting

Looking Towards the Future

This year is coming to an end and the New Year will soon be here. As you look back, did you accomplish your goals for the year or did you fall a little short?

While it may be natural to lament about goals you seem to have lost a more effective strategy is to simply make an adjustment to how you go about achieving your goals. There are effective goal setting strategies that can help you accomplish more of what you have set out to do next year.

The Time to Plan is Now

Many people put off goal setting until the New Year. In fact, many people confuse New Year’s Resolutions with goals.

Although a resolution can work for some people, the majority of us need something more. It’s easy to set a resolution and then think, “Well I didn’t really mean that” and then do nothing as most people do.

An effective goal setting strategy will give you game plan that will help you stay on track. It will also provide you with the feedback you need to accomplish the goals you set for yourself this year. This holiday season is the perfect time to put that game plan into motion.

Use this step-by-step effective goal setting approach to make an achievable plan to accomplish your goals:

1. Be Grateful for What You Already Accomplished

Start by being thankful for this year’s achievements. Maybe you didn’t reach all the targets you set for yourself, that’s okay. There are undoubtedly many things that you did accomplish.

Take a few moments and write down what you accomplished. Now run those accomplishments through your mind and give thanks for them.

This is a great place to start because it will help you to feel good about yourself and by feeling good about yourself you put your mind into a mindset that will help you accomplish even more.

2. Make a List of All the Major Things You Want to Accomplish  

The reason so many people never accomplish anything is they never commit to them. Effective goal setting includes putting them down on paper. Writing your goals down is your commitment to accomplishing them.

Don’t just idly dream about the things you’d like to achieve in the coming year. Make a commitment to your goals and sit down and write them out on a master list.

The more specific you are the more likely you are going to be able to accomplish them. So make sure you write down exactly what you want and how much (make your goals measurable).

3. Decide on Each Goal’s Importance

By the time you’re done writing, you’ll probably have a list of 20-30 goals. While you can accomplish all of them you can’t accomplish them all simultaneously.

The next step for effective goal setting is to prioritize your goals. Arrange your list in the order in which you want to achieve them and then focus on the top four or five.

4. Set Achievable Goals

This is often a point of contention for goal setting experts. Some experts say “dream big” and don’t put any limits to your thinking.

Although I agree with that concept I also know that by setting targets you believe are attainable, when times get tough, as they often do, you’re more likely to continue to pursue them. So effective goal setting includes setting goals you think you can actually accomplish.

Effective goal setting also requires you giving yourself a timeline for their accomplishment. Take your top four or five goals, plot out attainable sub-tasks for each of these goals and give yourself a timeline to achieve each task along the way.

Remember that the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. The same goes for achieving mammoth goals.  Break your big goals down into smaller pieces that you know you can achieve.

Once you’ve figured out how to achieve each step, it’s only a matter of completing each step, one by one.  Now you can accomplish each step, one at a time. Once you complete your last step, you’ve achieved your big goal!

An effective goal setting strategy is to give yourself a small reward when you’ve successfully conquered each phase of your master plan.

5. Commit to Your Goals

Cortez told his men to “burn the ships” because he knew the best way to accomplish any goal is to commit to its accomplishment.

If you want to accomplish anything you need to make that same type of commitment. You need to not only set your goals you need to commit to their accomplishment in the coming year.

You can reinforce your commitment by using affirmations. You can do this with each goal by saying, “I reaffirm my commitment to …” and read the details of the goal out loud to yourself from beginning to end.

By reaffirming your commitment, you are officially vowing to do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals.

Your commitment needs to include actively finding solutions to overcome any challenges that may appear. By mentally preparing yourself ahead of time for the challenges that will most likely appear, they won’t be such a shock.

This will allow you to focus on solving any constraints and help you to continue moving forward in the direction of your goals.

Effective Goal Setting Doesn’t Need to be Hard

Once you’ve gone though these steps and committed to their achievement, you can start to put things in place to actually attain what you’ve set your mind and heart on.

All this takes is a slight shift in your approach. Once you’ve altered your approach, you will begin to see much-improved outcomes with each goal you’ve set for yourself.

Now it’s time to start to make this your best year ever!


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