Using Habits for Successfully Setting and Achieving Goals

setting and achieving goals“There is no happiness except in the realization that we have accomplished something.”Henry Ford

As America’s #1 Mental Fitness Coach© and the founder of Total Mind Therapy© I often have clients come into my San Diego office that want to use hypnosis and NLP for setting and achieving goals. The reason they come is that hypnotherapy and NLP can help people create the habits they need in order to get the results the want.

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Setting and Achieving Short Medium and Long-Term Goals


“A goal is a dream with a deadline.”Napoleon Hill

I had a client who recently told me that she had become discouraged because, although she had been setting and achieving goals most of her life, she wasn’t able to lose weight. She told me she felt like giving up.

When I asked her why she told me, “I need to lose 50 pounds. I don’t think I can do it!”

So I asked her if she thought she could lose two pounds. She told me, “Of course!”

I told her that’s all she needed to do, lose 2 pounds 25 times. She needed to break the process of setting and achieving her outcome into smaller chunks. Continue reading


How to Transform your Life – Part 2

In Part 1 of “How to Transform Your Life” we looked at the 3 steps to setting and achieving goals:

1. Set your goal.

2. Monitor your results (feedback)

3. Adjust your behavior until you achieve your desired outcome

Like I mentioned in part one, I have clients who come to me looking for hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP to change their lives while having no idea of the result they are looking for. In order to get anything in life you have to set an outcome. That was part 1. Now let’s look at part 2.

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How to Transform your Life – Part 1

As a coach that helps people develop their potential I have had a number of clients that come to me wanting to change. So the first thing I do is ask them what they want. Many times they tell me some fuzzy thing that they want or what they don’t want. I have to explain that if they want shift to happen, neither of these approaches works.

Three Steps to Setting and Achieving Goals

Setting and achieving goals is actually simple if you follow three steps. These steps are: Continue reading