Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy Weight Loss

Stuck? You can Use Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Techniques.

If you look in the news you’ll see a number of articles about food and weight. People are eating foods that some consider very unhealthy and add fat on their bodies.

Many processed foods contain high amounts of preservatives, which are also not good for your health. Because of the pace of people’s lives many people eat these processed foods and, as a result, are facing weight problems. Today more and more people are looking for ways to manage their weight.

An Easier Method to Lose Weight Continue reading


Hypnotherapy and Weight Loss

hypnotherapy weight loss

A Healthy Body is Within Your Reach!

“With weight loss the evidence is conclusive… hypnotherapy does help people reduce.” –  Smithsonian Magazine, March 1999

You might have come here wondering, “Can hypnotherapy really help me with weight loss?”

The answer is yes and no.

No because hypnotherapy in and of itself has never helped anyone lose weight.

You do not begin to lose weight automatically because a hypnotherapist has given you a suggestion to lose weight.

But the answer is also yes.

It’s yes because you can use hypnotherapy to motivate you to follow a healthy weight loss program. A program that helps you to shift your thinking about your weight issues so that you exercise regularly and eat properly. Continue reading


Using NLP and Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

hypnotherapy weight loss

Weight Loss means creating new habits.

Using NLP and hypnotherapy I’ve helped hundreds of women and quite a few men with their weight loss efforts.

When people come into my San Diego office they tell me they want me to help them “fix” their body weight issues. They want to use Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques and hypnotherapy for immediate weight loss.

That’s when I have to explain that  although hypnotherapy and NLP can help them them make the shifts about weight loss they need , weight loss  never happens overnight.

You see, permanent. long term weight loss takes a great deal of effort and commitment. You need to change your habits permanently.

How NLP and Hypnotherapy Help With Weight Loss

To develop new habits you need to shift your thinking.

NLP and hypnotherapy works for weight loss by shifting the way you think about eating and exercise. This is how they help you permanently  reshape your body. Continue reading